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Making a Real Difference

Thanks for stopping by. We are Light of Hope, a non-profit charity with a big vision and an even bigger heart. We believe in people and their potential to break the cycle of poverty. Our mission is to bring hope to desperate, disadvantaged communities by providing them with what they need the most. Whether it’s: nutritious meals and clean water for orphans, medical supplies for families or hot meals and warm clothes for the homeless.

When we see a need, we do our very best to meet it.

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We’ve seen lives transformed, communities empowered and the sparkle being put back into children’s eyes. It’s all because of ordinary people, catching our vision of hope and taking a generous leap of faith to partner with us.

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Meet The Family


Light of Hope partners with Bethlehem Community Centre and MWEA Children’s Home to provide a loving, nurturing home for orphans, women and families living in poverty in Nairobi and the rural town of Mwea. Together we also facilitate a school and educational training programs open to the community. We provide nutritious meals and clean water to all our students everyday.

We’ve seen hundreds of children graduate school, move on to higher education and find jobs in their city. This is not just a home, it’s not just a school - it’s freedom and a second chance at life.


In Vuyyuru we’ve built and facilitate our very own Light of Hope Home for abandoned children. In this poverty stricken area, our home is a beacon of light providing clean water and nutritious meals not only to the children who now live there, but also to the hungry and needy in the community.

In 2017 our generous partners helped us expand our dormitories to house more children complete with beds, mattresses, linen and clothes. We even built a 25,000 litre water tank to serve the community.

Papua New Guinea

84% of Papua New Guinea’s population live in remote, rural areas with little to no access to medical facilities. Light of Hope partners with YWAM Medical Ships to deliver essential medical supplies and treatments to rural Papua New Guinea and to create sustainable health improvements for these communities. We seen sight restored, life threatening diseases eliminated and communities regain their strength.

YWAM also provides training opportunities for local Papua New Guinean medical students to gain on the job experience during their missions. Not only are we restoring health to these villages, but we’re empowering the next generation to do the same!

Do you want to be part of this hope revolution?

There are two simple ways you can partner with us:

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Purchase a Light of Hope product. ALL the profits from your purchase go towards our life-changing projects.

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Beauty Bags With A Purpose

We’ve partnered with some amazing organizations to spread out vision of hope

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